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هل تريد التفاعل مع هذه المساهمة؟ كل ما عليك هو إنشاء حساب جديد ببضع خطوات أو تسجيل الدخول للمتابعة.

l'Espace lycéen

اللهم لا سهل إلا وجعلته سهلا وأنت تجعل الحزن إذا شئت سهلا


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Stream: Second Year Foreign Languages
Class Time duration: 02 hours

First Term/ Test 1

Read the text carefully then do the activities

The societies of the
past showed an exceptional respect for the people among them who had the moral
qualities they considered to be the most valuable in their philosophy. For
example, they used to regard courage as a feature that no other thing can
equal. Loyalty either to one’s country or to the family and friends alike also
acquired in their view a price that had to be honoured by every member of the
community. Other features like honesty, wisdom, generosity, intelligence and
readiness to sacrifice one’s life for some ideal or another used to be worshipped
and the individuals possessing them much admired.

Today, important
changes have affected nearly every nation in this field. As a result, the
attitudes which have acquired the highest importance are quite different from
what had a sacred nature to the past generations. Now, people generally view
the ability to make money and achieve professional success as attributes that
hold the top level in this new evaluation. The faster someone amasses material
possessions and turns into a wealthy person the more consideration he earns
from his fellows. Talents like intelligence, creativity, perseverance and
originality are often relegated into lower positions, and such a situation
usually produces into the minds of the young the eagerness to invest their hopes in music, sports and
business because these spheres offer them chance to get rich and famous


1/ How many sentences are there in the first

2/ Are the following statements true or false?

a) The moral values vary
from one generation to another.

b) The people of the past
used to worship courage.

c) Today, we don’t
consider professional success as an attribute.

d) Sport and business
help you get wealthy and famous quickly.

3/ Answer the following questions according to
the text:

a) Did the people of the
past use to value the moral qualities?

b) What is considered as
an attribute today?

c) Are talents like
creativity and originality well-valued today?

4/ Give a title to the text

5/ Find in the text words that are synonyms to
the following:

*characteristics (§1)
*gains (§2)


1/ Find in the text words that are opposite to
the following:

*ordinary (§1)
*higher (§2)

2/ Form nouns from the following adjectives:

*generous *eager *ready

3/ Make complete sentences using comparison
with the words given in each case:

a) boxing/dangerous/tennis.

b) Chinese/difficult/English

c) Butterflies/weak/birds

4/Complete the following sentences with the
positive, negative or interrogative forms of “used to” or with the present

a) Ann (to eat) meat, but
now, she (to eat) fish.

b) Tom (not drink)
coffee, but now, he (to do).

c) Ann/to eat fish? No,
she didn’t!

5/Put the verbs in brackets either in the
future simple or in the present continuous with “going to”:

a) Tonight, I (to watch)
my favourite programme.

b) Why don’t you come to
my house?! I (cook) something nice to

c) I’m going to the
centre of town tomorrow. I (to buy) some new clothes if there is something


Choose only one topic.

Topic one: Write a paragraph of about ten (10)
lines in which you talk about your habits when you were a child.

Topic tow: use the following notes to write a
paragraph about the past habits of hunters.

*covered long distances

*made stone weapons

*developed the ability to hear well

*perfected their sense of observation

*improved their physical capacities
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